On the Munger Trail again

With the temps expected to hit 90 degrees today in the Northland, it made good sense to get as early a start on today’s bike ride as possible. So, there I was in Carlton jumping up on the saddle and heading south on the Munger Trail just before 6:30 a.m. What an outstanding morning for a ride! A little chilly, actually, but there was no wind so speak of until just before reaching Moose Lake, eleven miles shy of my goal (Willow River). I made good time on the ride south, arriving in Willow River at around 9:00. They have a nice pavilion with picnic tables and a restroom nearby. A nice place to relax and feel the morning breeze.

The ride back was even easier, as the wind had picked up somewhat….so with the wind at my back, the return trip to Carlton was a breeze. With a quick stop at T.J.’s Country Corner in Mahtowa (“Our Wurst Is Best!” is their motto and they ain’t lying) to grab a Gatorade, I was back in Carlton by 11:30. The early start was great timing, as it was getting pretty hot by end of my ride. Total distance: 67.4 miles. Sweet!

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