Kinetic ride #67

Tonight’s ride, my second of 2016, racked up 12 miles and was my quickest ride of the year. My calories per mile are higher than i would want, but some of that is due to the weight I’ve gained since my peak riding days in late 2014. Factor in that my cardio health isn’t nearly as good as it had been, and then the difference makes sense.

Today’s stats: 12 miles rode, 47:44 time, avg. speed 15.09, 662 calories burned, avg. heart rate 146, max heart rate 160, 13.87 calories per minute, 55.17 calories per mile.

Year-to-date: 2 rides, 22 miles, 1.47 hrs rode, 1,202 calories burned, avg. speed 14.94 mph.

Tonight’s riding playlist:

Water of Love–Dire Straights
White Bird–It’s A Beautiful Day
Love Removal Machine–The Cult
Dialogue (Part 1 & 2)–Chicago
Stones–Sonic Youth
Blue Period–Smithereens
Our Lips Are Sealed–Go-Go’s
Time Stands Still-Rush
Still You Turn Me On–Emerson Lake & Palmer
White Sun–Doobie Brothers

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