Kinetic ride 46

Trying to get back on track toward my December goal of 420 miles. Rode 20 miles today. I’ve lost 12 pounds of weight since getting the Kinetic set up on October 2.

How was I to know that today's ride would be the last I would ride for the next few months? By the end of the day/night, I was in the hospital with what would eventually be diagnosed as Acute Pancreatitis. :(

Today’s stats: 20 miles rode, 1:14:03 time, avg. speed 16.21, 857 calories burned, avg. heart rate 131, max heart rate 153, 11.57 calories per minute, 42.85 calories per mile.

Year-to-date: 46 rides, 894.15 miles, 56.88 hrs rode, 42,291 calories burned, avg. speed 15.72 mph.

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