Our trip to Maui (2016)–Day 14

We made a necessary trip to Safeway this morning to restock some supplies, after which we walked the Ka`anapali Beachwalk. Starting at the Hyatt Regency and heading north, I made it all the way to the Sheraton Maui before returning. It was early but already getting hot! Back at our hotel, I had another good session in the sun. The prediction is for light winds and muggy conditions this weekend.

Patty and I walked over to the Pacific Whale Foundation office to check in for our 4:45 cocktail cruise. I notice on the Liability Waiver sheet we need to sign that is says “Dinn.”. I tell the girl the sheet is wrong and we’re on the cocktail cruise. This confuses her and the guy also working the desk who tells us “there isn’t a cocktail cruise tonight”.

This confuses me. “Yes, there is”, I state. “I have the paper confirmation” and pull the paper out of my back pocket.

“What is the date on the confirmation?” he asks.

“May 29″.

“Today is May 27, sir”.


Feeling kind of dumb, we walk back to the hotel. I think I had this confused with the PWF cocktail cruise featuring Marty Dread which operates out of Ma`alaea on Fridays of each week. We had considering taking this cruise at one time. :)

So, it’s down to Kihei for dinner at Fabiani’s. It’s loud in here! Contrast this to the Wailea location which is much more sedate and the same menu, supposedly.

I get the Chicken Parmesan and it’s okay. We both much prefer the Wailea location.

Back in Lahaina, Patty heads off to the 8:00 Alanon meeting, which tonight is held at the Alano Club, an easy one block walk. I hang out in the room while she’s gone.

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