Our trip to Maui (2016)–Day 15

We’ve already been gone from Proctor for two weeks, and it doesn’t feel like it. Time flies when you’re living easy and don’t have to get up early for work each morning. :)

We out the door early this morning. 808 Grindz opens at 7:00 and we want to make sure we’re among the first people to be let in the door when they open. I’m told the tables (eight of them) fill up very fast, so we’re in line ten minutes before opening. As hoped, we’re first in line, and this line fills up quickly. By the time we’re seated and place our order, the line outside the door is a lengthy one.

Patty has the Granola & Yogurt, I order the Country Omelet, a two-egg omelet with onions and Portuguese Sausage. Country Potatoes and toast are served on the side. It was excellent.

Later in the morning, while lying out in the sun, my stomach starts raising hell. I go in and take two Tylenol. No help. So I take a pain pill and another one late in the evening. It’s the first and only semi-significant pain event on this trip.

View of the West Maui Mountains

After sun time, it’s shower and nap time, same old same old. Koa’s Seaside Grille is tonight’s dinner destination. We have a 6:15 reservation and get there 15 minutes early so this affords us the time to do a little window shopping in stores between Koa’s and Bubba Gump’s, an area we rarely shop in as it’s near the end of the business area of Front Street.

We’re seated railside but not upstairs. Still the downstairs area features some tasty views of the ocean and we’re actually closer to the water than we were at Kimo’s. We can see the Lahaina Yacht Club and Lahaina Fish Company to the south from our table, with Kimo’s also nearby.

Their pupus (Korean steak) totally rock. My filet is good but the one I had at Leilani’s two years ago was better. Overall, it was a nice dining experience. We’d like to return some day and try their breakfast menu out.

Nice view from our table at Koa’s Seaside Grill

Korean Steak Pupu

My filet

Patty’s salad

The hot tub awaits after our return to the hotel.

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