Our trip to Maui (2016)–Day 16

Patty is up at 5 a.m., me at 6:00. Following the traditional peanut butter toast breakfast, we find ourselves on the road just after 7:00 with the Kapalua Coastal Trail being our destination. We decide to park at Kapalua Bay this time (as opposed to parking at DT Fleming Beach), and head to the end of Oneloa Beach, eliminating the relatively boring section where you have to walk on the Lower Honoapi`ilani Road and through the grounds at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua to DT Fleming.

It’s hot our here today and feeling muggy. Patty turns around at about the halfway point because she needs a “break”. I continue on to Oneloa Beach and prove a point–my knees are not in the kind of shape they need to be in order to take on more strenuous hikes such as Waihe`e Ridge and Lahaina Pali. I’m glad I found this out now rather than on those trails.

After walking back on the Lower Honoapi`lani Road back to the parkking lot, we head back to the hotel. Patty has two rummage sales she wants to check out, so I relax in the room while she engages in one of her favorite activities. I then hit the sun for a couple hours. It’s nice out on the lawn, getting brown, listening to Hawaiian music on my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ mp3 player.

We check in at the Pacific Whale Foundation office at 4:45 for our 5:15 cocktail cruise (we got the date right this time! :) ) Heading over to the harbor to await bording, we find some shade and chat with various folks in line with us. We get great seating on the boat–there really aren’t any bad seating spots–after taking off our shoes (a requirement). There are about 40 or so people on board with us, a fairly friendly group and the food is very good for this type of tour. The boat is very stable making moving about quite easy. At one point, a group of bottlenose dolphins swims alongside the boat for over an hour. Neat! We would certainly do this tour again in the future.

Back at the hotel, I accidentally drop my Netbook and discover the drop has dried the hard drive. Shit!! As we only have three more full days on Maui, this isn’t a huge loss. I get out the notebook and pen to continue working on this blog. The biggest inconvenience is that I don’t remember when I last backed up my files from the Netbook to my flash drive. I know, I know….I should be doing this daily! As it turned out, I last backed up a week ago, so a week’s worth of blogging was lost. Some I was able to recreate from memory with help from Patty’s memory. Still, it isn’t the same.

Losing the Netbook isn’t really a terrible thing. It was underpowered with a tiny 11″ screen, only 2 gb of RAM. It originally had 1 gb of RAM but I upgraded it last year. Even with the upgrade, performance was ugly slow most of the time. I’ll be far better off spending $500-1000 on a better notebook computer with more RAM, a larger display and a better keyboard. It will come in handy on future trips.

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