Our trip to Maui (2016)–Day 17

Patty is awake at 5 a.m., but I sleep an extra hour. This morning, I’m trying to update our trip journal on paper, with the Netbook being dead.

After driving Patty to her workout, I head out to take some pictures with the Nikon. It’s Memorial Day so the beaches will be heavily used by locals. On weekends and holidays, I tend to leave the beaches to residents. There are plenty of other opportunities to snap images. I drive down as far as Puamana Beach before I decide to return to the hotel.

It’s another laundry day, and we wind up watching Breaking Bad. Patty heads out on her floaty, but it’s cloudy today so I don’t get any sun time.

It’s taken a long time to get used to where I keep everything, and we leave in three days! Weather-wise, this has been our second best trip. The 2008 visit was slightly better with no rain and nearly constant trade winds. This time, there have been only two or three muggy days, trade winds have again blown fairly constantly, and we’ve had rain on only one day. Trades are back today after a somewhat sultry weekend.

We’re tired! After a long afternoon nap, we walk to Pi Artesan Pizza at 5:00. You can sit inside or on the outside patio alongside Front Street with a view of the ocean. The sun is very hot so we opt for interior dining. We start off the meal with sausage pizza rolls and they’re quite good. I get a small Caesar Salad and it’s reasonably good. The pizzas here are 12″ personal-type pizzas and are wood-fired. Patty builds her own with sausage and peperoni. I get the Pi 3-some, which has meatballs, fennel sausage, pepperoni, red onions, provolone cheese and chili flakes. The flakes add a nice bite to the taste.

These pizzas are fantastic! Best we’ve had on Maui so far, even better than Pizza Madness.

It clouds up while we’re eating and by the time we leave, it has started to rain. I do a little shopping and find one more workout shirt and one more T-shirt. I’ve bought eight shirts, so I think I’m done shopping with only two full days left on the island.

The rains stop and we hit the hot tub. The guy from Seattle with his family of five we met earlier are here tonight.

Back in the room, it’s Netflix time and we finish watching Season five of Hawaii Five-O. Lights out by 11:00.

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