Camera lens woes

First noticed last week while at friends’ house taking pics of their daughter’s high school grad party, I initially thought it was just a setting on my camera I’d mucked up. After checking out the various options I’d set on my Nikon D50, I was still stumped….the camera wouldn’t autofocus! I had a Nikon 18-200mm lens (an outstanding all-purpose lens, in my opinion) attached, and the ******* thing would only work when I was manually focusing. Not that this is the end of the world, mind you, as it’s not that difficult to manually focus a digital SLR camera unless you’re a moron, but I didn’t spend over 800 of my (not-so) hard earned dollars on an AF lens only to have it no longer AF (Auto focus) after only fifteen months of trusty service.

It wasn’t the camera itself because my starter 18-55mm lens was autofocusing just fine. There was something else going on which was a total stumper. This afternoon I brought the camera up to First Photo where a manager, after checking it out with a different D50, told me that the problem was definately the lens and not the camera. Good news there, and with the five-year warranty the lens came with, they’ll be sending it off to Nikon tomorrow for fixing.

In the meantime, even with the autofocus not working, setting the manual focus on infinity and with the aperture on F9, I was able to take some fairly decent pics of the July 4 fireworks in Duluth.

Duluth fireworks

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