Our trip to Hawai`i (2009)–Day 13

Room Change

We knew when Patty called Allison to reserve our favorite room that we wouldn’t have that room for our entire stay, so today it was time to load up the carts with our suitcases and food items and move down to the fifth floor. The changeover couldn’t have gone smoother; the previous occupants of our new room were up and checked out before 8:30, so after attending an A.A. meeting, we were able to immediately make the move.

This new room wasn’t as nice as our previous one had been, but it was still more than sufficient. The only concern was that, being very close to the renovation work being done, the noise on Monday would be an issue. Our concern turned out to be a non-issue.

Not all rooms here at the Lahaina Shores are appointed exactly the same. There are the basics; TV, full-size refrigerator, stove, dishes and cookware, found in every apartment. But we had a queen-size bed here rather than the king size we’d become accustomed to. There isn’t a sliding glass door on the tub/shower, but rather a simple shower curtain. These are very minor points, but not everything here was a negative. There were two bar stools (missing in the old room) at the counter between the main room and kitchen. I also preferred the orientation of this particular room. Overall? At $124 a night, either room was an exceptional bargain.

Aloha Mixed Plate

After getting everything set up and put away, it was time to catch some rays. Initially, we had wanted to go to Da Kitchen and eat dinner before the Brothers Cazimero concert, but they close at 4 p.m. on Saturdays, so we decided to check out Aloha Mixed Plate instead. In my opinion, this was a bad choice. Other than the flies being an issue, the food just wasn’t very good. Patty thought differently, and the atmosphere (view of the ocean) was good (other than the flies, of course). Service seemed of a “going through the motions” mentality.

Brothers Cazimero concert

After stopping off briefly at the hotel, we drove to the MACC, arriving at 5:45, well in advance of the concert. The Will Call window wasn’t busy yet, and after picking up our tickets, we wandered inside to the lawn where a stage was set up and Hawaiian music playing. You had the option of getting a meal here to go along with the hula music playing. Very nice. We enjoyed talking to a couple who had lived here for many years after living on the mainland through their working years. At 7:00, the doors to the Castle Theatre opened up and everyone started filing in.

The show started promptly at 7:30, and it was a fantastic experience. We’d heard much of the Brothers Cazimero’s music in the past few years, but seeing them performing live was a “chicken skin” event at times. The set lasted for well over two hours (a half hour break in the middle so folks could go outside and get a drink and do whatever else needed doing), and was seemingly enjoyed by all, at least those we spoke with during the intermission and afterward. Worth the $40 we paid for each ticket? Absolutely.

We’re beat by the time we get back to Lahaina at around 11 p.m.

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