Our trip to Hawai`i (2009)–Day 14

Luck on the Northwest Coast

We slept in until 8:00 this morning. After breakfast, it was time to make one final attempt at photographing sites along the northwest coast, and the weather was (finally) perfect for such an endeavor. After driving up to just near the Olivine Pools (where the road gets very interesting, I turned around and hit nearly a dozen spots on the way back towards Honolua Bay. Lots of stunning vistas were found along the way, and I found myself wondering how I could have missed such a gem in our previous trips.

Our rental car

We agreed, after a brief discussion, on a return trip to BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria tonight for dinner. Our pizza choice was the same as last time we were here – we tend to stick with what works at most places. This may be a rut for some, for us it’s the comfort of knowing what works with a given restaurant. When the mood strikes, we’ll sometimes change up our choices, but tonight we played it safe. The sausage & pepperoni pizza was every bit as good as the last time we were here. While at BJ’s, we talked over where to go for our final meal. There were some places on our list when we arrived and hadn’t been able (or willing) to go to such as Da Kitchen, Casanova in Makawao, Round Table Pizza in Ka`anapali, and a couple others. Longhi’s on Front Street was our eventual decision.

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