Our trip to Hawai`i (2009)–Day 15

One Final Day

I have this nasty pre-disposition for keeping track of not just how many days we’ve been on a trip, but also of how many are left. It’s nice when a vacation starts and I find myself thinking “two days gone, thirteen (or whatever) left”. By the end it’s not quite as nice. It pretty much sucked today knowing that two weeks had come and gone and we had one final day left. On the other hand, how many people get to experience this place at all in their lifetime? Much less six times? We’re very fortunate, indeed. Being DINKS has its perks.

It was very hazy today (can’t recall ever not being able to see Lanai from the beach in front of our hotel before) and you could smell the sulphur from the Vog (volcanic smog originating from Kilauea on the Big Island). It’s not a pleasant odor and the combination of this with the high humidity makes breathing slightly difficult. I feel for those suffering with asthma and other breathing disorders when these conditions occur.

Shops at 505 Front Street

Pioneer Inn

Along the Front St seawall

Ready to head to Longhi’s!

A short session in the sun today wasn’t much fun, considering the humidity, so I headed inside after an hour and a half. Patty is starting to pack up some stuff and that large Sigma suitcase is going to come in very handy! It was nearly empty when we got here but with the souvenirs, shirts, caps and assorted other gifts we’ve bought, it’s going to be jam packed for the flight home.

There were a number of activities we’d planned on doing and never got around to, such as Hana, Haleakala and some beachcombing. These are on the list for next year (hopefully) along with a West Maui waterfall hiking tour, a cocktail cruise, possibly a dolphin watch, maybe a day trip to Molokai or a return trip to Lanai. As for restaurant, while we went to three new ones, we pretty much stuck with the “same ole” on this trip. We’re vowing to try more new places next year. Maui has a plethora of dining choices, so why stick with the same ones year after year? It doesn’t make sense.

Other than those two circular polarizers which I forgot in the small camera bag, we brought everything we intended to on this trip. We actually brought more than we needed. There was no need to pack the Aloe Vera, as Longs Drugs has small bottles for sale. We brought three different SPF values of suntan oil, and only used the SPF6. Patty’s hat and skin lotion stayed unused in her bag. Every year we come here, we learn more about packing lightly. My large camera bag will stay home next year. It’s a pain in the okole to lug around, and was a major problem on our hiking tour.


Okay, so off to Longhi’s we walked, arriving just before they opened for dinner at 5 p.m. The short of it? Best meal we’ve ever had, even though Patty might argue that our meal at Chops Restaurant on the Jewel Of The Seas was better.

The long of it? We were seated promptly, which wasn’t surprising considering nobody else was there when we arrived. Service was impeccable, quick, and our waiter was knowledgeable on everything was asked him about on the menu. They had a four-course meal special for $40, and looked too good to pass up, so I went for that. Patty had the Fettuccini with chicken ($28) and was in love with it from the first bite. As for my special, we started with tomato and jalapeno break, followed by the Longhi Longhi salad, somewhat like a Caesar salad, but better. For my pasta choice, I had the Pomodoro, and that was the only mistake I made. While it was good, it wasn’t nearly as tasty as the Fettucini. The New York Steak Longhi was my choice of meat/fish/poultry, and it was sliced and extremely delicious. Topping it all off was Macadamia Nut pie. A cup of coffee (also very good) finished the meal. Including tip, it came to $103. Worth every penny. In all, it was a tremendous final meal for us both.

Back at the hot tub for one final dip. Met up with a couple from Austin, Texas who were here on their honeymoon, having just arrived today. Lucky them! I’m envious that they have their entire trip ahead of them; hey, two weeks ago, that was us.

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