Bergson running for re-election? Nooooo!!!!

After twice stating emphatically that he wouldn’t be seeking a second term as the mayor of Duluth, Herb “I never met a drink I didn’t like” Bergson has changed his mind. The rationale behind this decision is interesting.

“I’ve been waiting for a candidate to prove that they are a person of the people,” the Duluth mayor told reporters in the City Clerk’s Office when he entered at 2:50 p.m. “Nobody’s sticking up for the people. The checkbook is getting thinner and thinner, and nobody seems to care.”

The checkbook is getting thinner and thinner in large part because you’ve failed to deal with the City Retiree Health Care crisis. How many of the recommendations of the blue ribbon panel have been implemented so far? How much has the debt grown since those recommendations were made, Herb? Oh that’s right. Not your fault.

And he also said:

“I think they know they can trust me. They also know that I can change my mind.”

No kidding!

Apparently, he was encouraged by almost everyone at the Duluth Heights Community Garden Club. Uh-huh. Quite the Mensa Roundtable those people must be.

Damn Duluth if this fool gets re-elected. How’s sobriety treating you, Herb?

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