Our trip to Hawai`i (2010)–Day 10

A Meeting and Some Relaxation

I never get tired of falling asleep listening to the ocean, never get tired of waking up to the same–plus seeing Lanai as the first morning rays of light hit that island and hearing the birds starting their morning chatter. Up at 6:00, toast for breakfast as usual, we hit the beach for our customary morning walk. I do two laps (roughly 45 minutes), then head over to the Alano Club for the 9:00 Coffee Break meeting. 40-45 people show up for this Daily Reflections meeting. Great sharing and good chat afterward with a host of people, a good mix of residents and visitors. I’m very grateful this place exists, especially so close to the hotel–only a few minutes walk away on foot.

After I get back to the hotel, we book our cocktail cruise. MK is out with a broken leg according to the front desk, but the clerk at the Expedia desk doesn’t know this? Weird. We hit the sun but Patty doesn’t last a half-hour; too hot, she claims. It is warm with little wind. It seems to nearly always be calm here in the morning with the wind picking up in the afternoon. I manage to get in 90 minutes of cooking before heading up to the room for a shower, snack and a quick nap.

Cool Cat Cafe

Tonight we go to Cool Cat Cafe for dinner, our personal favorite place to munch burgers–sorry, Cheeseburger In Paradise! Patty’s Ali`i Burger (their version of the Patty Melt) seems smaller than it used to be, she claims. Frings (french fried and onion rings) are decent but I think we’d be better off with just onion rings as their fries are only average.

Walk off dinner on Front Street and get a little more shopping in. I figure within a week we’ll have every place worth shopping at covered. Many places sell the same basic stuff; I’m always on the lookout for touristy t-shirt and caps and start to notice the same shirts over and over again as we make our way along the street. We get back to the room by 6:30, Patty calls Shar and ends up talking to Steve. It’s their final day back on Oahu. Hit the hot tub and chat with a couple from the East Coast who just got engaged here. Nice! They did the Hana trip today so it was fun comparing experiences and see the journey through someone else’s eyes.

The room we’re in is easily our favorite of the six different rooms we’ve stayed in at the Lahaina Shores. The only thing missing I wish they had is bar stools at the breakfast nook. Most rooms here have those. But, the room is otherwise fully furnished and has a wonderful king-size bed. There is a huge walk-in closet, tons of drawer space for our stuff. Rooms are individually owned which creates some disparity in how rooms are furnished. There are some basic furnishings required but after that, owners are free to equip their suites with whatever they choose. The owner of this room opted to get the new sliding glass doors, part of a huge renovation/repair projected completed just a few months ago. These doors are supposed to lock but don’t, for some unknown reason. The twin sliding screen doors do lock–besides, we’re on the sixth floor so the room is already pretty secure from the outside. The new lanai furniture is okay, but nothing special. I would prefer a lower table out there. Our TV has plenty of cable stations, far more than what was offered at the Park Shore. The kitchen is fully equipped with stove, full-sized fridge, microwave, coffee maker (with free daily coffee), toaster. This is along with a full set of cups, glasses, cookware–the non-stick pan is nice–dishes, silverware. The shower features sliding glass doors and a hair dryer (not needed by me, of course). For $196/night, this place is worth every penny.

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