Our trip to Hawai`i (2010)–Day 12


You wouldn’t think of Maui being a place where people could find the best Mexican food they’ve ever had. Cilantro in Lahaina has received some excellent reviews, by Top Maui Restaurants and also by Maui Revealed. However, the times we’ve walked by their restaurant in the past and reviewed the menu, nothing really jumped out at us as being something we thought we could enjoy.

With that in mind, something attracted us to Amigo’s in the Wharf Center on Front Street tonight. Maybe it was the idea of eating somewhere we haven’t before. Maybe it was the scent of what would turn out to be incredible Mexican food when we walked past. Maybe we were just hungry. Maybe it was a combination of all these things?

Whatever the reason for stopping there for dinner tonight, it was a stroke of genius (or pure luck) on our part. I tried the combination plate of ground beef enchiladas and Chili Relleno. Fantastic! Patty had the chicken quesadillas. For some reason, quesadillas has become one of her favorite restaurant foods. Whenever a restaurant offers them, there is an excellent chance she will order them. She liked hers but she claimed they didn’t quite stack up to the ones served at Hacienda del Sol in Duluth. That isn’t necessary in indictment of Amigos–Hacienda del Sol is by far our favorite Mexican restaurant in Duluth.

This was the highlight of a day where nothing much else happened. We had thoughts of driving up to the northwest coast toward the Olivine Pools today but dark clouds to the north dissuaded us. In fact, it’s a somewhat rare cloudy day here in Lahaina as well. The sun did come out for a time later in the afternoon allowing me to briefly bake out on the lawn. Overall, another nice, relaxing day.

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