Of deleted posts and politics

A rather harsh rebuttal I received concerning an earlier blog I’d made concerning Adam Sheda got me to thinking. Not about Adam; this was a senseless tragedy ruining more than one life. But about being in the military in general and the Iraq war in particular.

We start with two personal viewpoints:

1) I support the military 100%

2) I support our current commander-in-chief 0%

Look, people, Dubbya got us into a stinking mess and for what? To replace an evil dictator? Fine, this was accomplished. We also happened to kill many thousands of Iraqis both in and out of the military in the process. Part of the price to be paid for accomplishing this “goal”, I suppose.

But what takes Sadaam’s place? Nobody really knows what the outcome will be, do they? After we’re gone (and more and more, this appears a certainty soon after Hillary orObama are sworn into office in 2009), who fills the void? Iran? Al-Queda? Who exactly? Will Iraq be a better place afterward?

Let’s get real here; GWB went into Iraq and finding Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the motives. Fantasized WMD’s did. Starting the job his father wouldn’t finish in 1991 probably did. Revenge for Sadaam’s alleged attempt to have his father assasinated probably did. This guy was itching to go in there as soon as we declared “job well done!” in Afghanistan. You could see it before we even went into Afghanistan. See, wartime presidents get reelected, even if it’s through some election chicanery in Ohio. Not to mention what went down in Florida to get him elected the first time.

What has been the outcome? So far, over 3,600 American soldiers have been killed. Over 26,000 wounded. Over 32,000 Iraqis dead since February 2006.

Those are brutal statistics. And then we’re led to the question which begs asking: Are we safer today than prior to March 2003?

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