A Special Day

Today is special, for two reasons. The first, and best, reason–fifteen years ago today Patty took me for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, etc.

It has been an amazing journey for us; as times terrifying, at times indescribably wonderful. It has all been more than worth it.

When she told me for the first time she wanted to get married barefoot on a beach, I simply laughed. When I realized she was dead serious, I was intrigued. What type of person wishes this? Her down-to-earth nature was (and still is) always attractive, her simple desire for easy living, her aversion to flash and style. In the end, that was how we were married, in a simple ceremony on Maui. Not on the beach, but on a small grassy hill overlooking one of the most wonderful beaches I’ve ever dug my toes into (Wailea Beach). And it was perfect.

It almost did not happen. If not for the nameless gentleman with the cell phone on Po`olenalena Beach a few miles south of Wailea, the ceremony would not have happened that night. As it turned out, signals were crossed with the minister and coordinator/videographer/photographer/witness giving us the wrong beach to arrive at. But it worked out in the end.

That day was also the highlight of a trip which began our love affair with the Aloha State.

The worst reason? Today also marks 24 years since John committed suicide. John was an interesting guy, probably the most intelligent person I have known. He could speak at length about most any topic.

But John had demons, demons he couldn’t or wouldn’t overcome. We saw the signs but the idea that he could take his own life never really occurred to me. We tried to help, especially Bill and I. Our efforts were for naught. Eventually, John took the only way out of his pain which he could see.

He was missed. He is still missed. I think of him often and pray he’s found a better place. I believe he has.

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