It started off as a usual “play session” with Kimo in the garage. First, we played a quick game of fetch with his tennis ball. While he enjoys this, he tends to lose interest after running the ball down several times. Besides, he’s already looking forward to what is next–tug of war! We go back and forth across the garage with his favorite rope toy. The final act consists of me relinquishing the rope, where I then chase him around the garage. This seems to be his favorite part.

Normally both cars are pulled out of the garage so as to maximize space for the session. Tonight I decided to leave Patty’s car in the garage; while it still left us with plenty of space, it did cut down on the available area. And this fed into what was to happen.

At one point, he tore ass around the back end of the car, running between the car and the garage wall. I ran up toward the front of the car, intent on intercepting him when he appeared around the front end. He came around the front end faster than I had anticipated. Instead of dodging around my legs, he ran right through them! At this point, simple physics took over. If you have a person in motion and you stop his feet, the rest of him will continue forward. In my case, head first onto the concrete garage floor, doing a perfect three point landing; right wrist, chest, forehead!

The fall didn’t knock me out, it knocked me surprised. The next thing I was aware of was holding my hand out on the garage floor, catching the blood which was pouring from the gash on my eyebrow. And Kimo trying to lick my face, of course.

This cut wasn’t going to stop bleeding on its own, and made worse by the fact I’m taking Plavex (a blood-thinner), Patty had to drive me to Essentia’s Urgent Care. It was three hours before they got around to stitching me up. Three hours! I was actually slightly relieved by this, as they apparently thought I wasn’t in too bad shape. So they left me there to soak towel after towel with blood as I waited.

Eventually, the cut required five stitches.

Kimo? He was fine, of course. A bit bummed, probably not because I got hurt but because he had to spend those three hours in his kennel until his humans returned home.

Here is how it looked when I got home:

And the following morning as the bruising really fired up:

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