Pics of Duluth (and other places)–Willard Munger State Trail

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The Willard Munger State Trail is a 70-mile paved trail running south from Duluth to the town of Hinckley. Save for a short 1.5 stretch where the trail dips and winds, it is a straight trail built on abandoned railroad right-of-way. The first 15 miles from Duluth to Carlton is mostly uphill, but it’s an easy climb of no more than 1-2% grade.

Probably the most scenic part of the trail occurs between the 13-14 mile mark where it crosses the St. Louis River on a bridge set high above waters which can rage during spring run-off and after heavy rains during the summer. This makes the first fifteen miles the most popular stretch of the trail. (note: major flooding in June 2012 washed out several sections of the Trail; temporary repairs have been done on the Duluth-Carlton section, but these repaired sections are hard packed dirt and gravel; roller blades will not work on these sections)

Pictures begin at the trailhead in West Duluth and proceed south to Willow River. This pics will be reshot using a Nikon D7100 in 2013!

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(1) north Trailhead near Willard Munger Inn (2) near Riverside Dr in Duluth (3-4) rock cuts near Bardon Peak & Ely’s Peak (5) Ely’s Peak (6) near Becks Rd in Duluth (7) Forbay Canal (8) Forbay Trail adjacent to the Canal (9) view from the St. Louis River bridge (10) wintertime south of Carlton (11) Northern Pacific Junction rest stop at Carlton (12-13) Willow River

Other pic info:
(1) 1/200 sec., f/9, 35mm focal length
(2) 1/100 sec., f/9, 24mm focal length
(3) 1/250 sec., f/8, 22mm focal length
(4) 1/250 sec., f/8, 18mm focal length
(5) 1/100 sec., f/8, 29mm focal length
(6) 1/800 sec., f/7.1, 75mm focal length
(7) 1/100 sec., f/5, 18mm focal length
(8) 1/160 sec., f/6.3, 32mm focal length
(9) 1/160 sec., f/7.1, 24mm focal length
(10) 1/500 sec., f/11, 26mm focal length
(11) 1/250 sec., f/9, 19mm focal length
(12) 1/320 sec., f/9, 46mm focal length
(13) 1/320 sec., f/9, 34mm focal length

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