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Okay, it's not as comprehensive as the title may imply, but it's a listing of some of my favorite places to go when I'm on the 'Net. Hopefully you'll find something of interest for you.


Alcoholics Anonymous: The fellowship started by Bill W. and Dr. Bob in 1935 has helped keep me sober since 1982. Obviously, I must recommend this.

Narcotics Anonymous: Some may have problems with many A.A. members views on addiction to other chemicals. For those people who feel the need to seperate alcohol from other drugs, N.A. may be of help.

Bud Ellis' Home Page: This stirring tribute to a member of the newsgroup alt.support.stop-smoking helped many before the he passed away from the effects of smoking in 1998. If you don't think that smoking can harm you, this site will address this delusion.


Dell Computers: Since 1995, I've owned five PC's made by this company based in Austin, Texas. While my current PC is an Asus, I still recommend Dell to those looking for affordable quality in a desktop computer.

PC Magazine: A favorite of mine since the early 1990's.

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi: A very well done guide to HTML tags and advice on building websites.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials: Here you can learn by interactive examples many facets of building a web site, including CSS, HTML, XHTML and XML. A great reference tool.

Digital Photography

Steve's Digicams: Reviews of tons of digital cameras, along with reviews of printers and accessories, make this an outstanding site for the digital photography enthusiast. Much other information is to be found at this site.

Flickr: See the results of others' photography.

Northern Images: Dennis O'Hara's site devoted to photography of Duluth and the surrounding area is a nice example of how photography is done on a professional level.

Ken Rockwell: Ken has some strong opinions about various aspects of both film and digital photography and he's not shy about expressing them!


Grandma's Saloon & Grill: One of the best dishes I've ever found in any restaurant is served up here; Wild Cajun Chicken. This delight to the palette never gets old for me. If your tastes run differently, they have a very extensive menu of well-done items here. Duluth, the Twin Cities, and Virginia have restaurants operating.

Pizza Luce: If you're looking for one of Duluth's best pizzas, look no further. This "mini-chain" with other outlets in Minneapolis expanded to Duluth several years ago, and it was a much welcomed addition to Duluth's pizza choices.

Sammy's Pizza: While Pizza Luce is very good, Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant is the best. Our two favorite locations are in West Duluth and Hibbing. If you have opinions on other Sammy's locations, I'd like to hear from you!

Olive Garden: One of the better Italian food choices (Bellisios in Canal Park is better), which opened their Duluth location in late 2003. Their Taste Of Italy dish gives you a nice sampling of lasagna, fettucini and chicken parmesan.

Godfather Pizza: For whatever reason, Godfather's has closed all of their outlets in Northeastern Minnesota in the past several years, including both Duluth operations, and the outlets in Superior and Virginia. This is too bad, because pizza rarely gets better than what they serve up.

Vintage Italian Pizza in Duluth is another clear winner in our book!

Buffalo House; Meat is the mainstay here and they do justice to it, from steaks to sandwiches. We stay away from their pasta and Mexican offerings, however

Bellisio's; Now that the Elbo Room in Superior has closed, Bellisio's features the best pasta in the Twin Ports.

Pedro's Grill & Cantina; likewise, the best Mexican in the area is here at Pedro's in Cloquet, formerly Mexico Lindo. A note: This place is not the same as Mexico Lindo in Duluth, their quite inferior cousin.

Golden Inn; while we're on the topic of best foods in different cuisines, our vote for best Chinese goes to this place in Superior. Decent ambience, excellent service and food, bountiful portions at nice prices won't leave you disappointed.


Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau: Official site with much information on the Aloha State. A good starting point if you have no idea what to do there.

Wizard Publications: To get a very in-depth, detailed view of any of the islands, Wizard Publications publishes books dedicated to each island. We have all four books on hand (Oahu, Kauai, Maui & the Big Island) and consider these an absolute must-have for reference when we travel to Hawaii.

GoHawaii.com: Hawaii's official tourism website will also give you a good idea of what types of activities and accomodations are available in the state.

Hawaii.com: More information for tourists. So-so site.

ThisWeek.com: You see these free magazines all over Hawaii; This Week in Oahu, This Week in Maui, etc. This site is the online version where you can browse (.pdf viewer required) their mags to your heart's content. We appreciate these magazines for the maps contained within; Hawaii can be a daunting place to get around if you don't know where you're going!

Waikiki Beach Cam: I can't tell you how many times I've loaded this site and seen the various viewpoints of Waikiki from the 30th floor of the Sheraton Waikiki. Click the "Previous 12 Views" to see how the look of the beach changes throughout the day.

Discover Kauai: Official website of the island of Kauai.

Alternative Hawaii: I just found this site a few weeks before this page was constructed and found it to be a refreshing site without all the normal data spewed forth you find in so many other sites devoted to Hawaii.

Hawaii Weather Today: True, the weather doesn't change much from season to season, but it does change.

Honolulu Zoo: For just $14, this activity is an absolute must if you're staying on Oahu. You can get through everything the zoo offers in just a few hours. Located next to Kapiolani Park with Diamond Head looming in the background, we always take time to visit here when we visit Hawaii.

Old Lahaina Luau: You need to make reservations well in advance if you plan to attend what many say is the best luau in Hawaii. We've been to this luau twice and were extremely impressed with the food and the show on both occasions.

Polynesian Cultural Center: This activity is a day-long affair and takes place on the North Shore of Oahu. You'll find this to be an enjoyable experience. Of the packages offered, we recommend the Hawai'ian Ali`i Luau package.

The Bus is Oahu's mass transit mode and serves the entire island. $2 for a one-way fare. There have been two price hikes in the past several years, but remains a good deal for getting to where you want to go; a necessity is you don't have a car on this island and want to get away from the Waikiki/Honolulu "jungle" for the day.

Hawaii Nation: Dedicated to the independence and soverignty of Hawaii.

All About Hawaii: You can use this guide to check for specials and rates on many of your accomodations and activities. This company provides some very nice deals and is worth a look!

Expedia Maui Activities: We first became aware of this company in 1996 while on our wedding trip to Maui. Activity World (now owned by Expedia) hosts a daily orientation at many hotels and resorts throughout Hawai`i and can save you money on many activities.

The Trip Advisor forum dedicated to Hawai`i is a must-see site if you want specific information on all things pertaining to the Aloha State.

Looking to book a hotel or condo room on Maui? Chase 'N Rainbows has plenty of choices in West Maui!


Sing365.com: Biographies, discographies and lyrics to literally thousands of pop and country artists.

Chalkhills.org: Official website of the band XTC, one my all-time favorite bands. See what Andy Patridge and Colin Moulding are up to these days plus a wealth of information about the band, past and present.

Jamfan.net: Dedicated to another one of my favorite all-time bands who peaked in the late 1970's and early 1980's and then dissolved.


Duluth News-Tribune: The main paper in my hometown. The best Duluth has to offer...I guess.

Star-Tribune: One of the two leading papers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and my personal favorite.

Honolulu Star Advertiser: The leading newspaper of Hawaii.

Maui News Today: Whenever I'm not missing Maui enough, I make sure to check this site out

Duluth Budgeteer News: Website of the paper which is delivered free of charge every Friday (or Saturday...or not at all, depending on factors which we can't figure out yet). It's sort of like the Duluth News-Tribune Lite but with different editorial comment. More believable in many ways than the afore-mentioned.

City Pages: Alternative news from the Twin Cities.


U.S. College Hockey Online: You won't find a site with more comprehensive and historical information than here at USCHO.com.

Duluth Huskies: Home of the Duluth Huskies baseball team of the Northwoods League.

St. Paul Saints: If you're heading to the Twin Cities and want to take in a baseball game, forget about the Minnesota Twins. Who wants to watch indoor baseball? Certainly not us. Head over to Midway Stadium and take in a Saints game! Baseball the way it's supposed to be.

Tailwinds.org: I stumbled onto this site a few years ago and was absolutely enthralled with reading about Ed Noonan's bicycle ride from Alaska to Florida in 1996. He pedeled 6,011 miles! A great read with pictures included.

What-If Sports: Ever wonder how pro sports teams from different eras would match up? Ever wonder how the 1927 New York Yankees would have fared against, say, the 1976 Cincinnati Reds? This site allows you to play simulated games in five different sports (baseball, football, hockey, pro basketball and college basketball). It's a great way to waste some time.


Cheapo Vegas: This isn't just a site devoted to the cheapest of Las Vegas but a comprehensive, very well done collection of reviews of hotels, etc.

Sea World Orlando: Any trip to Orlando must include a visit to Sea World. Get there early enough to "enjoy" riding Kraken, a floorless coaster that will take your breath away!

Wisconsin Dells: Okay, it's not Hawaii, it's not Florida, it's not even Las Vegas. But it is a helluva lot of fun! Our one-week stay there in 2001 was a memorable vacation for us and something we'll certainly be repeating. This site will give you the lowdown on accomodations, attractions, activities and restaurants.


Zap2It: Current listings including a search feature for upcoming episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Bundyology: Married...With Children is as good a sitcom as I ever watched and this site is a huge repository of data about the show.

Yahoo TV: Check local listing, search for upcoming shows using a key word(s) search.

Seinfeld Blog: Loads of information about the best sitcom we've ever seen.

History of WEBC: Remember back when AM radio meant songs? Lots and lots of songs? So do I. I grew up listening to two AM radio stations and WEBC 560 in Duluth was one of them.

History of WLS: The other one (when I could actually pick up the station since Chicago is nearly 500 miles from Duluth) was WLS 890 in Chicago. Many memories exists of nights spent listening to John Records Landecker, Yvonne Daniels and ther others.


Text version of IWIN: Forget the fancy graphics of other weather sites. When I want my data, be it current conditions, forecasts or warnings, I want a site that will load quickly. This site does exactly that.

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