What is PageStat? Basically, it's a computerized system designed to rank sports teams in a given sport. The makings of PageStat go back to the 1970's in an attempt to rank NFL teams from best to worst.

Some sophistication had been added to it since then; the current system isn't at all like the original system as it was designed.

Does PageStat serve a purpose? Not really, unless you are into lists or polls or have some internal malfunction (as I have LOL) that sees this as a fun project. It's designed to answer my own questions more than anything. Can't say that I always agree with the answers PageStat comes up with, but I also understand that my own perceptions of what the best teams are in a given sport is based on bias as much as anything objective.

There are currently three applications in use. More may be added in the future:

  • NCAA Divison I Mens' Hockey: [2004-05] [2005-06] [2006-07] [2007-08] [2008-09] [2009-10] [2010-11] [2011-12] [2012-13]
  • Minnesota Boys' High School Hockey.
  • NFL Football
  • Also see historical data from 1950.
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    last updated april 14, 2013